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About Copperhead Barrelworks

It all started over 100 years ago when the white oak sapling first sprouted. The tight grained wood was then chosen, felled, and aged a bit longer. The coopers use their decades worth of experience to bend, form, and char the staves into a liquid tight barrel. The barrel is then filled with a harsh clear spirit and goes to work purifying and adding character to the liquid for at least two years. Some of the finest are aged for much longer.  I seek to harness the great history behind the life and afterlife of the white oak, highlighting the form that creates some of the greatest liquid known to man.

Colorado native and based in Denver.  I have always worked with my hands with the utmost pride in workmanship and what becomes the final product. As a Master Electrician, I've developed a keen eye for detail and have learned that it is the little things that make a big difference.  At the same time, I appreciate all of the perfect imperfections. The products I create go through many self inspections due to my level of pride in a finished piece. Even if it takes twice as long, nothing leaves the shop without my name on it.

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Product Line

*Each barrel, each stave is unique and has it's own set of flaws. While some items can be grinded, sanded, stained, and lacquered, I prefer to minimalize my impact on aesthetics. I try to capture the complete history of the white oak. From the charred interior created when the barrel was formed, to the gouges and cracks from being moved around in the rickhouse, to the crystallized whiskey that has seeped out of the barrel creating dark stains, to the discolored stripes made by the hoops.


*Items can be delivered or shipped to your location for an additional fee.


*Interested in a product? Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will be in contact. Since most items are built to order, there may be some customization available, just ask! 


*Have an idea? We can create a new piece altogether, just ask!


Full Sized Cross

Full sized-$70
Half sized-$50

Available in full size at 32” tall by 23” wide, as well as half size at 16” tall by 11.5” wide. This beautiful representation of the Cross is accentuated by the curvature of the barrel stave. The finish pictured is our “Angels’ Share”. Mounting hardware included.

Bottle Openers


Yup, they open bottles! Every handle is hand carved and sanded, but just enough to maintain the stave characteristics. The backside still shows the char that molded some sweet bourbon into liquid sunshine. These are finished with shellac to last for years. Check out the photo album for different designs!


Glencairn Wallhanger


A fine display of the barrel head with a steel hoop surrounding it. Accentuated by a small shelf with a steel centerpiece made from a hoop. The shelf is a stave that has the perfect indentions to hold the 2-3 Glencairn glasses that can be included. Mounting hardware included.

$200- Do you have a head that you want turned into a Glencairn Wallhanger?

$250-500- I will supply the head, with an authentic brand of your choice.

$10- Per Glencairn with purchase

Quarter Cask Shelf

$350 -$400

Using the entire end of a barrel, this piece stands out as a unique focal point of any bar. At approximately 8 inches deep, this shelf holds up to five bottles and up to six Glencairns. The glasses are accessed by lifting the steel hoop door. Mounting hardware is included.

$350- As shown 

$400- With LED lights

Special pricing to have the head reversed

$10- Per Glencairn with purchase


Full Barrel Cabinet


Using the entire barrel, a versatile and lockable cabinet is made. Complete with dual doors and a two tier lazy Susan help to view and access all of your favorite bottles of brown water. Multicolor LED lights can be added inside so that you can see inside and to highlight your goods. A glass table top allows you to view the head without risk of damaging it.

$1000- To create a cabinet using your barrel (Condition of the barrel may effect price)

$1200-$2000- To create a cabinet using a barrel supplied by me, pricing varies depending on the brand of whiskey

Stave Shelf


These sturdy shelves are made to hold and highlight many bottles of your favorite spirits. Multi sectioned staves are inlayed with steel hoops adding extra character. Available depths are approximately 6"-8". Can be made to any length requested. Mounting hardware is included.

$80- Lengths up to 24"

$100- 25"-36"

$120- 37"-48"

Ashtray and Dram


We have several designs of ashtrays with a spot for your dram of whisk(e)y. They are highly customizable with options ranging from available finish, to size, and can be matched with your favorite glass, so it fits just right. My favorite is the deluxe version that features a place for your Glencairn glass, a steel ashtray that will last forever, and an accent made from the steel hoop.

$25- Basic stave Ashtray and Dram

$50- Deluxe Ashtray and Dram (as shown)

$10- Per Glencairn with purchase

Sushi / Charcuterie Board


A versatile tray that can be used in the kitchen or to hold decorations anywhere in the home. Finished with food grade oils and waxes, you can feel confident when loading it up with sushi, meats, cheeses, and any other delectables!

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“Whiskey is liquid sunshine”

-George Bernard Shaw

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